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La práctica de yoga te cuida en su conjunto, cuerpo y mente.

Practicing yoga brings many benefits. 

The main one is the union between the body and the mind. 

My proposal is simple: to enjoy, rediscover the potential of you body, with respect and non-judgement.  

Gain strength and flexibility, connect with yourself. 


Discover the style of yoga that most suits you. 

Let me be with you in this journey. 


Un cuerpo y una mente fuertes con la práctica de yoga.
La sangha en los retiros, desconexión y conexión.
La práctica de yoga mejora tu vida y tu mundo.


There is nothing better  that spending a few days far from everything to disconnect and deepen your practice. 


You'd like to start practicing yoga but you don't know how? 
Discover this programme which will take you from the very beginning and will give you the tools to discover the practice from home.  


In person or online, we can practice together. 
Classes for everyone, all levels, from different styles, in Spanish, English or French. 

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